Cáceres, in the Geodesic Center of South America

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Websites that may be of use to Travellers and Expat residents.

Cáceres Tourism

Vistecaceres (pt.) - Site of Leão Tour agency in Cáceres, Mato Grosso, Brazil. Photos, Ecotourism, Fishing; Boat-Hotel and packages Pousada packages with prices.


Conheça o Pantanal (pt.) - Gateway for those who love to fish and adore nature. Guide to Cáceres and the Pantanal. Hotels, restaurants, pousadas, ecotourism, and points of interest for the tourist.


Mochileiro no Brasil (pt.) - Backpacker in Brazil - Good photos of city, ‘pontos turisticos’ and animals of the Pantanal.


Estação Paraíso (pt.) - Estação Paraíso, local tour agency in Cáceres, Mato Grosso, Brazil. Photos, Ecotourism, Diving at Água Milagrosa, Tours with local itineraries (Roteiros Regionais).


Fip Cáceres (pt.) - Festival Internacional de Pesca Esportiva de Cáceres; International Sport Fishing festival of Cáceres. This is the largest freshwater fishing tournament in Mato Grosso if not Brazil. It was listed in the 1992 Guinness Book of World Records as the largest fresh water tournament in the world and then later as having children’s competition. It now is approximately nine days and includes men’s, women’s and children’s divisions, traditional fishing from canoes, canoe races, kayak races, beach volleyball, football, and championships in bozó and truco. At night there is a full schedule of music and cultural shows featuring national and regional artists. The site includes the festival’s history, sign-up, tournament regulations, last years schedule, photo gallery and news releases.


Pantanal 3 Rios Hotel (pt.) - Hotel in Pantanal near confluence of Rio Paraguai and Rio Jaurú. Access from Cáceres by road (30kms) in dry season or by launch (50mins) year-round. Hiking trail, horseback riding, fishing and photography; boats with pilots available. Deluxe, swimming pools, adult and children’s, game room, football and volleyball courts, playground, convention facilities.


SportFishBrazil.com (pt.) - Fishing, Ecotourism, Photo-Safaris. Seven fishing packages, three ecological tours in the Pantanal.


Summer Tour (pt.) - Sport Fishing & Ecotourism, Boat Hotels, Barco Babilônia, Barco Itapuã in Cáceres ...


Ieié – Barco Hotel (pt./en.) - Sport Fishing & Ecotourism. Pantanal Norte. Boat Hotel. Fishing and ecological itineraries from port of Cáceres ...


Barco Hotel Cobra Grande (pt.) - Sport Fishing & Tourism. Port of Cáceres.


Barco Hotel Cruzeiro do Pantanal (pt.) – Cáceres, Mato Grosso.


Cáceres Iate Clube (pt.) - Cáceres Yacht Club. Events, announcements, Gallery of photos.


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Brazilian Tourism

www.ipanema.com (en.) - This is a very good site for people visiting Rio de Janeiro. Hotels, maps, restaurants, nightlife, travel services …


Salvador da Bahia: The Bahhia-online Guide (en.) - Guide to Salvador, Bahaia, Brazil. History, Music, hotels, eating, drinking, capoeira, candomble, carnival...


TripAdvisor - Brazil (en.) - Hotels, flights, restaurants, things to do, maps, forum, travel deals …


brazilmax.com (en.) - Online travel guide and magazine.


brol.com (en.) - Brazil Airpass, Flights, Eco-Travel packages, Lodging.


Clickandfly.com (en.) - Airfare to Brazil.


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Bolivian Tourism

La Gran Chiquitania (en.) - Great site in English with loads of information on the Jesuit Missions, San Ignacio de Velasco and the region between Santa Cruz - Bolivia, and the Bolivia/Brazil border at San Matias/Cáceres.


Asociación Pro Arte y Cultura (en.) - Site of biennial American Renaissance Baroque Music Festival and the International Theater Festival of Santa Cruz de la Sierra.


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Cácerense and Regional Blogs and Radio

O Cácerense (pt.) - Local football, community and social events.


Cáceres Fest (pt.) - Photos from shows, parties, bars and festivals.


Club 103 FM (pt.) - FM radio, popular music, local announcements.


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Blogs about Brazil

Expat American Living in Brazil (en.) - A long time expat resident of Brazil shares much valuable information.


Tropical Biodiversity - The Amazon (en.) - Photo blog of a gringo at his small forest reserve, Bosque Santa Lúcia, near Santarém - Pará - Brazil.


Your Life Is An Impossibility (en.) - Fiction / True Stories / Photos from Olinda / Recife


Living in Brazil (en.) - Gringo issues.


Brazil Travel Blog (en.) - It’s a profit deal!


The Lion’s Den (en.) - Young man, living and working in Salvador, not rich and famous.


Adventure of a Gringa in Rio (en.) - Stories of a New York girl living in the Cidade Maravilhosa.


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Regional and Local News

Cáceres na Internet (pt.) - News from Cáceres, Mato Grosso and the region.


Pocone Online (pt.) - News from Pocone, Mato Grosso and the region.


RD News (pt.) - Political news from Mato Grosso, Brazil.


Diário de Cuiabá (pt.) - Major daily newspaper in Cuiabá, capital of Mato Grosso, Brazil.


El Deber (sp.) - Major daily of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, capital of the Department of Santa Cruz, Bolivia, Cáceres´s neighbor to the west.


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Brazilian National News

G1 - Noticias da Globo (pt.) - Globo News, from Brazil's largest television and news outlet based in Rio de Janeiro.


Revista Veja (pt.) - Website of Veja Magazine, the benchmark weekly called the Brazilian 'Time'; news, blogs, columnists, videos, ...


1st Headlines - Brazil News (en.) - Brazilian headlines in US news stories.


Google Notícias Brasil (pt.) - Breaking national and international news results in Portuguese by Google.


BBC Brasil.com (pt.) - BBC news service for Brazil.


Terra (pt.) - News, videos, sports, economy, music, fashion, photos …


Brazzil (en.) - Online magazine with articles on Brazil from varying point of view.


Brazil Political and Business Comment (en.) - Opinion and analysis on the Brazilian political and business scene.


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Exchange Rates & Economic Indicators

Câmbio - Inverta (pt.) - Exchange rates of principal currencies.


Economic Indicators - Inverta (pt.) - Interest and Inflation rates.


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Brazilian Government

Secretaria da Receita Federal - SRF (pt.) – information on CPFs - tax numbers; IRPF - personal income tax; Aduana - customs; Comércio Exterior - import/export; etc.


Secretariat of Federal Revenue of Brazil (en.) - abbreviated, in English.


Banco Central do Brasil - BCB (pt.) - foreign exchange, foreign capital, exchange rates, interest rates, inflation, legislation, etc.


Central Bank of Brazil (en.) - abbreviated, in English.


Ministério da Justiça - MJ – Estrangeiros (pt.) - visa extensions types I, IV-VII, ‘permanência’ through marriage or parenthood, naturalization, ...


Departmento de Policia Federal - DPF (pt.) - CIE - Cédula de Identidade de Estrangeiro, identity card information; Tabela de Vistos, visa requirements for foreign nationals; Perguntas Mais Freqüentes - FAQ; GRU - Guia de Recolhimento da União, printable form to pay fees/fines for extension of stay or overstay; Unidades - delegacia locations; etc.


Ministério do Trabalho e Emprego - MTE (pt.) - Ministry of Work and Employment - Includes Conselho Nacional de Imigração - CNIg; legislation for work visas, investor visa, stable union visa, etc.


Estatuto de Estrangeira (pt.) - Lei Nº 6.815, de 19 de agosto de 1980 - Statute - defines the legal situation of foreigners in Brazil.


Novo Código Civil (pt.) - Lei Nº 10.406, de 10 de janeiro de 2002 - New Civil Code - Civil rights and responsibilities; including property rights, structure and governance of condominiums, family rights, marriage, community property, inheritance, framework of business entities, partnerships and corporations, etc.


Correios (pt.) - Brazilian Postal Service; national and international postal rates, letters and packages, import duties on small shipments.


IBGE (pt.) - Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatística - Lots of statistics here. Particularly interesting are the populations and per capita incomes of all municipalities in Brazil. Banco de Dados; Cidades@


ANTT(pt.) - Agência National de Transporte Terreste - Search for bus service between cities in Brazil.


INFRAERO (pt./en.) - Aeroportos Brasileiro - At ‘Vôos On line’ has real time flight status of all scheduled flights in and out of Brazilian airports.


DNIT (pt.) - Departamento Nacional de Infra-Estrutura de Transportes -

Mapas Rodovias - Road maps, by state, available as downloadable zipped .pdf files.


Condições das Rodovias - Condition of Federal highways, by state.


MEC (pt.) - Ministéro da Educação - Ministry of Education - Legislation covering primary, secondary and university education; Medical residency; Celpe-Bras Certification of Proficiency in the Portuguese Language.


MEC (pt.) - Information on Revalidation of Diplomas.


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Cáceres and Regional Government

Prefeitura de Cáceres (pt.) - Municipal Government of Cáceres, news and announcements. Gallery of photos.


Câmara Municipal de Cáceres (pt.) - City Council of Cáceres. History of city, Demographic and Geographic data ...


Universidade do Estado de Mato Grosso (pt.) - UNEMAT. The University of the State of Mato Grosso. Events and announcements.


Secretaria de Estado de Cultura; Mato Grosso (pt.) - State Department of Culture, Mato Grosso. Events and announcements.


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